"In Europa ci sono già i presupposti per l'esplosione di un conflitto sociale. Questo è il seme del malcontento, dell'egoismo e della disperazione che la classe politica e la classe dirigente hanno sparso. Questo è terreno fertile per la xenofobia, la violenza, il terrorismo interno, il successo del populismo e dell'estremismo politico."

What is "Uropia"?

How realistic is the danger of an authoritarian drift in Europe, today?
Can terrorism and populism play a role?

Massimo Maffei is an Italian translator, born and raised in Munich, where he runs a small but thriving agency. When he meets and falls in love with Anna, a young post-doctoral student at the University of Munich, their love story seems to complete his life and make it perfect.
He doesn’t imagine that because of his political and civil commitment the quiet everyday life he is accustomed to will be blown up.

In fact, in the last ten years the world has changed profoundly and the European Union itself has undergone an epochal transformation: devastated by the persistent economic stagnation - and in response to the emotional wave provoked by the continuous terrorist attacks and the growing nationalist populism - the thirty states that composed it were dissolved, merging into a single continental state entity.
The architect of this project is the president of the European Commission - the Hungarian Andraş Pordan - who will hold the temporary office of president of Europe for one year, managing the transition to the first pan-European democratic elections.
With the help of a young undersecretary and backed by influential centers of power, Pordan does not miss the long-awaited opportunity.

Few have publicly denounced the danger of an undemocratic drift of the new unitary state: among them Professor Johnatan Maynards - professor of econometrics at the University of Monaco - whose work of dissemination at university and on a blog on the net has inspired the birth of a civic movement called „Uropia“, of which Massimo himself is a sympathizer and activist.
When the government begins to implement the first measures against freedom and the professor is reluctantly forced by events to deal with politics, nothing will be like before: from the moment that Maynards candidates in the European elections becoming the main antagonist of Pordan, a secret and unstoppable mechanism is set in motion against him and the ones who are near to him.
Between escapes and betrayals, dangers and surprises, on an operatic musical background, not even unexpected twists seem to prevent the victory of Pordan ...

Under the guise of a thriller, the book deals with real issues of burning topicality, starting from the analysis of the existing situation from an economic, social, political and technological standpoint.
This reflection leads the reader to imagine and live in advance the near future of the European Union, in what is and remains just a fiction - but terribly possible.


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